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Are Pumpkins and Halloween like Presents and Christmas ?

The older we get, the more we begin to sound like our parents! That's because they were right all along -- and it took us this long to figure it out.

PumpkinsHave you ever noticed that when kids see pumpkins the first thing they think of is Halloween. In our neighborhood, there are so many homes decorating for Halloween, it is as if, somehow "All Hallows Eve" has become as significant as the Christmas Holidays.

The retailers sure have done an amazing job selling this occasion. The costumes for kids of all sizes are prepacked and made in China of course. Maybe someone can think of a way of using the cheap acetate fabrics of the costumes on the plastic Christmas trees. Perhaps this would be just too cost effective. Bad Idea. 

What ever happened to the creative part of the special Halloween night when for weeks ahead of time the family worked on who was going as what this year and what do we need to put together to complete the costume.  When I dressed up like a Hobo, I looked the part and I sure didn't glow in the dark.

Times have continued to change and things that were special and unique have become far less important or at least less creative and more formula based. Tinsel, plastic and orange holiday lights have become the new expression for the Halloween festivities. 

I was thinking that maybe I was sounding a bit like my Dad on this subject but then he never said anything like this because nothing could interfere with our family traditions. Perhaps this is the NEW holiday tradition and I just missed out on the after holiday sale of all of last years crap to decorate for it. 



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