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What's in a Name?

Photographs by Joni Staples (c) 2010

Hey guys! Meet my husband, Rick. a.k.a. The Bug Man or "Bugsy".  Its so funny, ever since I became addicted to facebook, everyone calls Rick "Bugsy". That's because when I write about him, I call him that. I love nicknames and have them for those closest to me. As you know, my mom is The Princess Mama (TPM), our managing broker is Fearless Leader and his wife is Miniature Fearless Leader.

These goofy little names stick. People remember them! So why am I writing about it on active rain? Because I think its important to "name" your listings.

If you have a cedar house on stilts in the middle of the woods, why not call it The Tree House. Do you have one that's kind of plain Jane on the outside but awesome on the inside? Call it your Cream Puff!

Sounds silly, huh? You wouldn't believe how many calls I get.... "I'm calling about 'Take me to the River', do you know which property I'm talking about?" As a matter of fact, I do!

You don't have to write "Meet A-1 Fishing Camp, the new A-frame I listed in Riverside Harbor."  Just include it in the description of the property.

Over the house and through the woods to A-1 Fishing Camp I go! Where you ask? Why Riverside Harbor, of course! This fabulous 2 bedroom 2 bath with a 2 car detached garage is just what you've been looking for on Lake Livingston!

Regardless of how you do it, it's those goofy little things that the buyer relates to and remembers.

Back to Bugsy. When he decided to leave his job of 25 years and open up a pest control business, my first words were... " Wonderful! You can name it U-Bug-Me Pest Control and everyone can call you The Bug Man." ☺ At first he was like NO WAY!

"Trust me", I said, "I know it's goofy, but no one will forget it." Guess what? I was right! Everywhere he goes people say, "Wow, you're the bug man, it's great to meet you!"

Then facebook came along and the friends and family started to hear my little pet name for him... Bugsy. Rick had no idea that I was writing about him until other people started calling him that. It was pretty funny when the preacher even used it. Now it doesn't even phase him! He's Bugsy, The Bug Man-- a.k.a Rick.

What's in a name? Apparently a LOT!


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Hey guys! Meet my husband, Rick. a. k. a. The Bug Man or "Bugsy". Its so funny, ever since I became addicted to facebook, everyone calls Rick "Bugsy". That's because when I write about him, I call him that. I love nicknames… more
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